BOTOX Cosmetic

February 25, 2020

Beat Wrinkles and Lines

As we mature, skin changes and muscle movement cause wrinkles and facial creases that may make you look older than you feel. There’s a way to reduce them and revive your youthful glow. Botox cosmetic enhancement is an FDA-approved treatment that uses a series of tiny injections to reduce your ability to move those muscles that cause wrinkles or folds.

Botox procedures take about fifteen minutes and require no hospital stay, so you can get back to your usual activities right after your treatment. To discover how Botox can help restore your face’s youthful appearance, speak with a cosmetic Botox expert at (832) 532-0050 or contact us online.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Botox?

The active ingredient in Botox is botulinum toxin, which works by blocking a brain hormone (neurotransmitter) called acetylcholine. When the cells in the muscles affected by Botox can’t release acetylcholine, they can’t move. This reduces and smooths skin wrinkles.

What areas does Botox treat?

Botox treats facial wrinkles, giving your face a smoother, younger look. It can be used to smooth many different types of wrinkles of the face and facial area, including:

  • lines on the forehead or between the brows
  • crow’s feet around the eyes
  • lip lines, including laugh lines and smoker’s lines
  • chin wrinkles
  • neck bands

Botox may also be applied to cheek muscles to soften and contour the jaw, or to the corners of the mouth to prevent them from turning down.

What can I expect from my Botox treatment?

Botox treatments are usually simple and straightforward. First, you and your doctor will discuss desired results. Then your doctor will inject Botox into your skin using a fine needle, causing only minimal discomfort. After taking a few minutes to ensure you have no negative reactions to the treatment, you can return to your usual activities.

Botox begins taking effect between three and five days after the procedure. Full results are generally achieved within two weeks. The effects of Botox Cosmetic typically last between three and six months. If you have deep skin folds that may not be diminished by Botox alone, it can be combined with dermal fillers for improved and longer-lasting results.

You can resume facial skin care routines right after the Botox Cosmetic injections, as long as you do not rub or massage your face until twenty-four hours after the procedure. Air travel and exercise should both be avoided for one to two days after the procedure, as both may cause the botulinum toxin to move to other parts of the face.

What are the side effects of Botox?

Side effects of Botox are generally mild, though more serious side effects may occur in rare cases. The most common include:

  • pain, bruising, or swelling at the injection site
  • headache
  • flu-like symptoms
  • eye dryness

Rarely, the botulinum toxin may spread to other parts of the body – a medical emergency that requires immediate attention, and may cause the following:

  • trouble breathing or swallowing
  • muscle weakness
  • vision problems

Alcohol can intensify the bruising that may accompany Botox injections, so you should stop drinking alcohol two days before Botox and not resume until about a week after the procedure. You should also avoid anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen, naproxen, and aspirin the week after the procedure, as they can increase bruising.

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Botox injection is a safe, FDA-approved cosmetic procedure that can help you restore your youthful appearance, enhancing your beauty and improving your quality of life. To learn how you can give your face the smooth, radiant look you desire, speak with a Botox specialist today at (832) 532-0050 or contact us online.

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