Healthy Fats for Weight Loss

Consume Fatty Foods to Slim Down Successfully When the term “healthy fats” began emerging around 2013, the jury was still out on this seeming oxymoron. After decades of public health officials villainizing fat-consumption, fat phobia was ingrained in the American psyche. It took two things to bring home the issue that fat was not the… Continue reading Healthy Fats for Weight Loss

Healthy Weight DNA Test

DNA Testing Identifies Diet and Nutritional Needs for Weight Loss Did you know studies have shown that you can have a genetic likelihood towards obesity? Some healthcare practitioners are turning to science to help their patients combat their genetic makeup. Perhaps you’ve seen news stories or read online about genetic testing for diet programs. Your… Continue reading Healthy Weight DNA Test

High-Intensity Interval Training for Weight Loss

Short Bursts of Intense Cardio Could Help You Lose Weight For many, the thought of walking or running for hours each week on a treadmill—before or after a long day’s work—seems more like a form of punishment than something that supports the health of our bodies. We all want to find an exercise program that… Continue reading High-Intensity Interval Training for Weight Loss

Holistic Cleanse and Detoxification

You May Remove Bodily Toxins with Diet and Lifestyle Changes Over time, our bodies slowly pick up toxins − small molecules, peptides, or proteins that cause disease − in many different ways, such as by eating or inhaling them. Some believe that these toxins can strain our organ systems − especially the liver, the main… Continue reading Holistic Cleanse and Detoxification

Hormone-Assisted Weight Loss

Bring Balance Back to Your Weight Loss Efforts Weight gain (and the inability to lose it) is a problem that plagues millions of Americans. The quickest, cheapest, best-tasting food is also typically the worst for you. Unfortunately, finding balance and moderation is not always easy. Are any of these troubling you? Love handles Excess fat… Continue reading Hormone-Assisted Weight Loss

Hormones and Weight Gain Know about this test procedure.

Bio-Identical Hormones & Your Body Weight For many years, physicians and researchers struggled to connect the dots between hormones and their role in weight loss. Women have long known that food cravings and sluggish metabolisms were very real problems that made it hard to lose weight, but convincing the medical world of their link to… Continue reading Hormones and Weight Gain Know about this test procedure.

Injectable D3 Therapy

Identifying Vitamin D Deficiency and Exploring Injectable D3 Therapy as treatment Although vitamin D is essential for our growth, development, and bodily repair, our bodies don’t always produce as much as we need. If you are diagnosed with a vitamin D deficiency, your healthcare provider may suggest a treatment of injectable D3 therapy, or calcitriol,… Continue reading Injectable D3 Therapy

Injections for Pain Management

Treat Pain at the Source Do you suffer from chronic pain in your joints, spine, or muscles? The best way to treat pain is at the source, and therapeutic injections do just that. Introduced directly to the affected joint, vertebrae, intravertebral disc, or muscle, therapeutic injections may result in fast and long-lasting pain relief. Pain… Continue reading Injections for Pain Management

Intra-articular Hip Injections

Steroid, PRP, or Stem Cell Injections May Relieve Hip Pain Is chronic hip pain or hip osteoarthritis disrupting your health, movement, or quality of life? You may benefit from intra-articular hip injections, a pain relief treatment that includes injecting steroids, growth factors, or stem cells to reduce or relieve your hip pain. Painful hip conditions… Continue reading Intra-articular Hip Injections

What is Ipamorelin Injections and Who will get benefits from this treatment

Reduce Body Fat and Build Muscle Ipamorelin is a growth hormone releasing peptide (GHRP) that stimulates the release of growth hormones from the anterior pituitary gland. This is the pea-sized gland found at the base of the brain that is responsible for regulating an organism’s endocrine-based functionality. The various functions of the pituitary gland include:… Continue reading What is Ipamorelin Injections and Who will get benefits from this treatment

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